“all about the cigar, it’s culture, and gathering those who enthuse over it into a collective”

This Collective

is produced by THE A·FI·CI·O·NA·DO ci·gar co a division of AFICIONADO CORPORATION LLC

Our Mission

is to bring people of all walks of life together over a premium cigar, a great conversation and a shared focus on the experience.


Our Offerings


include the following products, services & venues:


THE a·Box sub boxes
THE a·Stick cigar series
THE a·Merch storefronts



THE A·FI·CI·O·NA·DO ci·gar co


a subscription box service like no other…

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ASH·II·ASH cigar pods
BIG ASH events
a·Collective business services



THE A·FI·CI·O·NA·DO ci·gar co

introduces the cigar pod of all podcasts…

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***All tobacco products sold by the Aficionado Corporation corporate entity, Operating Companies, Brands, Partners or Affiliates except will explicitly be in accordance with all Federal, State & Local firearms laws, statutes and codes.



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